Display Alert
Title Display Alert
Dictionary Standard Additions
Suite User Interaction
Parameters 6

Display Alert is a Command in the User Interaction Suite of the Standard Additions dictionary. The display alert function is used to display an alert to the user of the script.


display alert v : Display an alert

display alert text : the alert text (will be displayed in emphasized system font)
  • [message text] : the explanatory message (will be displayed in small system font)
  • [as critical/informational/warning] : the type of alert (default is informational)
  • [buttons list of text] : a list of up to three button names
  • [default button text or integer] : the name of number of the default button
  • [cancel button text or integer] : the name of number of the cancel button
  • [giving up after integer] : number of seconds to wait before automatically dismissing the alert

→ alert reply : a record containing the button clicked and, if used, whether the alert was automatically dismissed due to the specified timeout.
Display Dialog Alert Reply

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