We will learn about buttons.

Do I really need to tell you to open it?

Anyway, you can make custom buttons by adding this to the end of a display dialog:

display dialog "Custom buttons!" buttons ("Custom", "buttons!")

and you will have the buttons as Custom and buttons!.

You can also highlight one button as blue! NOTE: Only one button can be highlighted.

display dialog "Custom buttons!" buttons ("Custom", "buttons!") default button 1

Now you're wondering what number goes after the default button. Well, I put 1 after it, so the FIRST button will be highlighted. If you put 2 after it, you would have the SECOND button highlighted.

Here comes the fun!

Try this:

display dialog "Custom buttons!" buttons ("Custom", "buttons!") default button 1

display dialog "You pressed " & button returned of the result & "!"

button returned of the result means the button clicked from the previous dialog.

The & sign is for... you should know by running it!

You can also do the same with say commands!

END OF LESSON 1-2. In PART 1-3, we have a compilation of all things you have learnt. For now, bye!

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