Here's the first part of my Applescript tutorials, enjoy learning!

We will be learning Display Dialog.

First on your Mac, you gotta search up Script Editor. Just open it up and follow me on here.

If you type in:

display dialog "Some text."

and press Run, you get a dialog that says Some text.

You can type in anything in the quotes, and press Run, and the dialog will say it.

But, you can add another display dialog...

display dialog "Hello, "

display dialog "WORLD!!"

and if you press "OK" on the first dialog, you will go to the next dialog. You can have it as any dialogs as you like, even INFINITE dialogs, though that's another story.

END OF LESSON 1. That's it! But that's only the basics. In PART 1-1, you will learn the say command! For now, bye!

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